Huey Salvador | Head of Corporate Social Responsibility | Robinsons Land

Huey Salvador’s Compassionate Leadership and Empathy in Action

Discover the inspiring story of a woman who not only leads with compassion but also spearheads transformative initiatives within RLove and Robinsons Land Foundation. This feature celebrates Huey Silo's strength as a woman leader, showcasing her as a driving force behind meaningful change and social impact in the corporate landscape.

What does leadership with compassion mean to you?

Leadership with compassion is leading by example, taking ownership of the job entrusted to you with all your heart, not being afraid to get your hands dirty & making personal sacrifices from time to time. But still enjoying the work that you do because it benefits the people you serve.

Which personal values do you find most aligned with your role as the head of CSR?

Being ambitious. I have big dreams for the Filipino people. I am blessed that I am able to contribute to the improvement of lives of many beneficiaries we reach. I work really hard because the more I work, the more people we are able to help.


What is the best part of your job?

My job is to help people. That's the best part of my job.

If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently in your career and in your personal life? 

I would stick to the career path that I’ve chosen. When I was younger, I got a lot of opportunities. I felt that the world was my catalog. I can do anything I want. Just anything that I feel like I want to do. I just kept doing it and I ended up quitting some of them and I feel like I wasted some of my time. I guess that would be one thing that I would have done. 

Personally, I would probably rely more on my inner voice rather than listen to a lot of external opinions. I guess that would have made my life a lot better and easier. At least I've learned it a lot earlier. Now, I stick to what I think is right.  


If you were to give advice to a young woman starting in her career, what would it be? 

First, do your best in whatever you do. I think that's very simple, very cliche. But I guess it really works when you just do your best, like whatever you do right now - may it be working in the office, mopping the floor, answering phone calls. Do your very best because that will really carry you through life. That will be the character that people will know you of, and that will make you a better person. The second thing would be to conduct yourself with integrity. Always keep your integrity intact, whatever you do. Always do things in good faith. Always do the right thing, even if people aren't looking. At the end of the day, you know at least you're doing the right thing. And once you do that, nothing will go wrong. And even if things go wrong, at least your conscience is clear. 


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