Once upon a time, there was a place called Slumberland that only the dreamers could go to. Slumberland is a place for dreamers that allows them to wish for anything they want. It makes impossible things possible and makes their dreams a reality. Once you enter Slumberland, everything changes, but not everything is about fun - it comes with thrill and adventure.

Netflix brings you another world to fulfill your childhood fantasy with Jason Momoa and Marlow Barkley. Enter the world of dreams starting November 18 on Netflix, but you can personally experience the thrilling ride at Robinsons Manila, Midtown Atrium beginning November 18 until November 22 as exciting adventures await.

Try the Inflatable Slumberland for FREE! All playful elements are inspired from the film and each visitor can play around for 20 minutes. Get ready to Dive into a 23ft ball swim, bounce into a giant lighthouse, climb and roll through giant slides and sprint as you make your way through the maze. The best part is, this playground is open for ALL ages!

See for yourself what Nemo has experienced in her journey towards Slumberland. Hurry as this Inflatable Slumberland is only until November 22! See you at Robinsons Manila!