Continuing the 8th year of its global initiative to promote best practices in governance and sustainability, Cambridge International Financial Advisory (Cambridge IFA) named Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) among this year's awardees of the Global Good Governance Awards or 3G Awards.


The United Kingdom-based financial services intelligence house conferred RLC two awards: the 3G Championship in Corporate Governance Framework Award and the 3G Best CSR Initiative Award.


The 3G Championship in Corporate Governance Framework Award that the RLC was able to receive signifies that the company provided the highest level of excellence in corporate governance practices by ensuring transparency, accountability and ethical conduct in its operations, sustainable business growth and creating long-term value for all stakeholders. 


The 3G Best CSR Initiative Award on the other hand, was presented to RLC for leading a significant CSR initiative/project with a relevant mission that is innovative, inspiring and able to achieve its objectives.


“We would like to thank 3G, the prestigious award giving body for this recognition. It is with deep pride and appreciation to have been conferred the 3G Championship in Corporate Governance Framework and the 3G Best CSR Initiative awards. These awards will serve as our inspiration to continue our long-standing advocacy to provide sustainable developments in the communities with active participation of all our stakeholders. In addition, with good governance at our forefront, we shall continue to exemplify transparency and accountability in all our actions. We shall strive to uphold the qualities of these awards and provide developments that will uplift the lives of the Filipinos and ensure ethical business practices are always implemented,”  assured RLC President and CEO Frederick D. Go.


RLC has a huge impact on Filipino lives, adding that it's only proper that the company be responsible not only to its market but also to its investors, employees, regulators and the public.  "Our inclusion in the prestigious 3G awards exemplifies RLC's adoption of best globally accepted governance practices.  We shall continuously act with transparency and accountability to ensure that all the interests of our stakeholders are preserved,” said Kerwin Max S. Tan, RLC’s Chief Financial, Risk and Compliance Officer. 


Tan informed that the award only solidified RLC's resolve: Just recently, RLC received a Golden Arrow Award as it garnered more than enough points in the ASEAN Corporate Governance or ACGS scorecard. The award proves that RLC has adhered with the international corporate governance best practices while constantly adhering to practices to be worthy of the trust of various stakeholders.


The 3G Awards, handed out to notable winners since 2016, cover more than 35 categories. The Awards celebrate individuals, governments, public and private institutions and NGOs. They also highlight the awardees' excellence in good governance and commitment to social welfare in three major streams: Government and Politics; Corporate and Social Sectors; and Philanthropy.


Since its debut, over 150 awards have been presented to some exceptional individuals and institutions drawn from more than 25 countries in different continents. Apart from businesses, the 3G Awards also recognize governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for implementing innovative practices, programs and projects that promote good governance, transparency and social responsibility.