Robinsons Malls and PhilSTAR Media Group have recently launched Project KaLIKHAsan, an initiative to promote sustainability in our daily lives. The launch event was held on October 16 at Robinsons Magnolia's Atrium, showcasing creative culinary trends geared towards sustainability.


The heart of "Project KaLIKHAsan" is a commitment to integrating a sustainable lifestyle into our daily living through a series of campaigns about sustainability. Project KaLIKHAsan has three main components: Kaalaman, LIKHA, and SAmahan.


KAalaman is an information drive to educate people to do their part in promoting sustainability.


LIKHA aims to make the campaign more impactful by encouraging creativity and using the arts as inspiration.


SAmahan aims to nurture communities through events where mall-goers can experience the campaign up close.


The event started with opening remarks from Lucien C. Dy Tioco, EVP of PhilSTAR Media Group, followed by Joel S. Lumanlan, VP for Marketing & Operations of Robinsons Malls.


Spanky Enriquez, the host of the evening, took center stage to showcase healthy and sustainable food offerings from Picole Healthy Pops, Greyhound Cafe, and Pure Nectar. These culinary delights not only tantalized taste buds but ignited the imagination of all present, demonstrating that delicious and sustainable can go hand in hand.


To delve deeper into the theme of sustainability, Spanky Enriquez moderated a panel discussion with Chef Rej Casanova, Executive Chef of Westin Manila. Chef Casanova shared insights into their approach to tackling food waste, revealing that 99.9% of the food is put to good use to minimize food waste.


In today's world, where environmental concerns are becoming increasingly urgent, individuals and organizations must take responsibility to promote sustainable living. Project KaLIKHAsan is a commendable initiative that sets an example for corporations and individuals alike.


By integrating a sustainable lifestyle into our daily routine, we can positively impact the environment and contribute to a better, cleaner, and more sustainable future. Robinsons

Malls and PhilSTAR Media Group's Project KaLIKHAsan offers a pathway to start this journey and inspire others to follow.


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