Robinsons Malls shines as a beacon of sustainability in the Philippine retail industry, securing two prestigious awards from the Asia CEO Awards held last October 24 at Manila Marriott Grand Ballroom. Robinsons Malls was named the Circle of Excellence Awardee for Sustainability and the Overall Champion for Sustainability Company of the Year.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to Robinsons Malls' unwavering dedication to environmental conservation and engaging the community to do their part for Mother Earth. Robinson Malls' holistic approach to community service and sustainability is reflected in its initiatives, which go beyond being just a shopping destination. Robinsons Malls sees itself as an integral part of the communities it serves. 

At the heart of Robinsons Malls' sustainability programs lies its commitment to clean, renewable energy sources, water conservation, recycling, and innovative green practices integrated into the design and operation of its malls. Robinsons Malls leads the country in solar power adoption for malls, with 24 malls harnessing over 31 megawatts of solar energy, eliminating over 110,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to planting nearly 2 million trees. In addition to energy optimization measures, Robinsons Malls also has other sustainable initiatives like wastewater management, solid waste management, and plastic collection and recycling. They engage the community with initiatives like Weekend Recycling Market, Save the Planet One Bottle at a Time, Biking and EV Charging Facilities, and Locally Sourced," a fresh produce fair that provides ethically sourced agricultural products that not only helps our hardworking farmers but also makes eco-friendly options that are fresh and affordable available to customers. 

Robinsons Malls will continue putting sustainability at the top of its priorities for both existing and future developments. It is committed not just to amplify awareness about caring for the environment but also to make sustainable living more accessible to Filipinos nationwide.

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