Jubie Anne Vallarta | Head of Leasing | Robinsons Destination Estates and RLX ​Logistix and Industrials Inc.

Jubie Vallarta’s Soft Power in Sealing Leasing Deals

Explore Jubie’s distinctive approach as she transforms spaces into vibrant and innovative destinations through the deals and ventures she engineers. Delve into her strategic leasing initiatives, pioneering new concepts and forging partnerships that redefine industrial and destination estates.

What makes commercial leasing exciting for you?

Apart from working with my personal beloved brands, another thing that excites me is the people I work with. Most of my clients are typically business owners and decision makers, and I love it. Working with them inspires me, helps me expand my knowledge and learn from their successes.

What's your secret ingredient in closing deals?

There’s no exact formula or secret ingredient. But having “people skills” is an advantage. Having the ability to relate to others and their position or viewpoint is crucial in leasing. 

In our field, this simply means that you’re willing to agree to disagree with mutual respect. Letting them know you understand their position. It is also having strong communication skills, patience with others, knowing how and when to show empathy, active listening skills and genuine interest in others. Building relationships is a must in our field. It is also about flexibility by being able to shift gears and respond accordingly to what the current situation requires. Another one is good judgment which directly comes from learning, listening, and observing. It is also having the ability to persuade others, negotiation skills and ability to keep an open mind and knowing my audience.


Can you cite some pioneering concepts you have ideated that redefined Robinsons Destination Estates and RLX?

One of my team’s goals is to establish activities and anchors that will solidify the proposition of the projects. For Robinsons Destination Estates, some of the pioneering concepts we activated are: “An ultimate fitness playground” which is a concept of putting together Obstacle Park, Football, Spartan Race Philippines and Fun Runs. The next is “Hub Where Riders Go”, Mototowne is a concept for "cama-RIDER-ie” and the hottest place for motorcycle riders to hang-out. And lastly, curated Pop-Up’s” consisting of food trucks and food bazaars.

For RLX, we primarily started the business with our sister companies as our tenant. We steered our approach to expand the business by increasing our non-affiliates partners. We push our leasing activities and marketing efforts targeted to these businesses, reaching out to all prospect lessee’s under 3PL, e-commerce, storage and distributions etc.

Can you name three (3) projects, initiatives, or deals that you are really proud of?

Under Robinsons Destination Estates, deals that stands out and I’m proud of are: Bridgetowne Obstacle Park a 6,000sqm, 25+ obstacles, the world’s biggest obstacle facility operated by Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation; Bridgetowne Football Pitch and Sports Lounge (Studio 300) where the Football Pitch is already operational and Studio 300 to be operational 4Q 2024. This property installed with the highest-grade turf that complies with standards of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and lastly, Montclair land sale for Blue Leaf Events Place

Under RLX, deals that stand out and I am proud of are with SPX Philippines, Inc. (Shopee) where they leased a total land area of 45,700sqm, second is Fast Logistics where they leased a total land area of 39,000sqm and LF Philippines, Inc. (Maersk) where they leased a total land area of 24,519sqm.

Is being a female an advantage or disadvantage in this line of work?

Yes, somehow there is an advantage. Women in nature are expressive and persuasive. In addition, “malambing” as well. So that could be an advantage for this job, as leasing is about persuading prospect tenants to do business with RLC.

If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently in your career and in your personal life? 

I'm thinking of the pain and challenges that define that. Heartaches, loss, failures, setbacks, mistakes, what ifs, doubts and fears. Would I change anything? Well, my first impulse was yes, definitely I will. But then reflecting on the valuable lessons that this pain and challenges taught me, how it made me wiser, smarter and stronger than coming from these experiences. Then if I could go back in time, I think I wouldn't change anything. I would have done it any other way. 


If you were to give advice to a young woman starting in her career or starting her career, what would it be? 

Don't let fear get in your way. I feel that many of us hesitate to make a decision until we feel it's 100% positive that it is the right way. It is the right decision or the timing or you need to be ready. You think that it's optimal. Making life decisions is scary, whether it's personal or professional. When the opportunity knocks on your door and you want it, then grab it. Grab the opportunity, don't let it go. Don't hesitate just because you think you are not ready. Because there's no such thing as being ready. You're just going to get there, and you will be when you're in that position or situation. 


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